SMS numbers

This feature is only available to Autopilot customers on the Pro or Business plans, along with the Phone numbers add-on.

The SMS numbers page allows you to configure where your Autopilot account’s SMS numbers originate from. These numbers are used as the originating number from which SMS messages are sent, whenever for example, SMS messages are sent from an SMS campaign.

Your Phone numbers add-on determines how many phone numbers you can add to your Autopilot account. If you exceed your phone number limit when adding a new number, you may be directed to the relevant billing page to increase your permitted quantity of phone numbers.

Access the SMS numbers page

To access the SMS numbers page, ensure you have accessed the Setup page, and have clicked through to SMS setup > SMS numbers.

On this page, you can:

Add a new number

To use Autopilot’s SMS messaging features, you need to configure at least one number. To do this:

  1. On the SMS numbers page, click New number.

  2. In the Add a new number dialog, choose the country of origin for your SMS messages from the Which region will this number be used in? list.

  3. In the Select a number area, choose one of the numbers provided by clicking it.

    If your selected region/country requires you to configure a regulatory bundle (and you have not already done this), then a note appears in this dialog, indicating this requirement. You are required to configure the relevant regulatory bundle first before you can add your chosen country’s number.
    Click the Create a regulatory bundle link to begin uploading the documents required to create your country’s regulatory bundle.

    If you do not like any of the numbers provided:

    • Click Generate numbers to regenerate new numbers for your chosen country, or

    • If you have already selected a number, click the Change link,

    and choose one of the new numbers provided within Select a number.

    The Regulatory bundle section indicates the SMS messaging conditions permitted by your country’s number.

  4. If you have already configured a business address through the Regulatory bundles pages for your chosen country, the select or specify this address within the Business address field, which appears after choosing your number.

  5. Click Add number to add your chosen number, which then appears on the SMS numbers page.

Search for a number

If the list of numbers on the SMS numbers page is extensive, you can filter this list itself by typing one or more consecutive numbers into the Search box, and any phone numbers whose digits do not match your consecutive numbers are dynamically excluded from the list as you type.

Clearing the Search box, or clicking X restores all phone numbers to the page.

The Search box only filters phone numbers, not on any other fields indicated on this page.

Delete a number

To delete an existing SMS number from the list:

  1. On the SMS numbers page, locate the number to delete, and click …​ .

  2. Click Delete from the list and follow the instructions in the Are you sure? dialog.

Deleting a number frees up one number of your Phone numbers add-on quota.