Data retention policy

Autopilot has limits on how long it stores data for, these are as follows:


Report type Retention period

Hourly reports

90 days

Daily reports

5 years


2 years

Performance reports

Report type Retention period

Audience performance

3 years

Campaigns performance

3 years

Playbooks performance

3 years

People, organization and all other data

All other data is stored for the lifetime of your plan with Autopilot. If your account is cancelled or terminated, your data is automatically securely deleted after 29 days.


Activities are only retained for 90 days, so this means:

  • Your ability to see them in activity feeds under your customer data platform (CDP) people profiles, data sources etc.

  • Your ability to filter based on them

  • Your ability to create new reports based on them

However the effects of activities such as aggregated fields, daily reports, etc. continue on for much longer.