Getting started

Getting started with Autopilot is easy. All you need to do is create a new Autopilot account using either a Google account, or by providing your:

  • First name,

  • Last name,

  • Email address, and

  • Password of your choice,

and integrate Autopilot with your company’s existing data source, whose communications and notifications you want to automate.

You will also need to specify some of your company’s details a little further on through the Autopilot account creation process.

If you already have an Autopilot account, just sign in to Autopilot to access it.

Create an Autopilot account

  1. Begin creating a new Autopilot account from Autopilot’s main web site.

  2. Either click Sign up with Google and follow the remaining prompts, or:

    1. Specify your First name, Last name, Email address, and Password in the appropriate fields.

    2. Click Create an account.

    3. Check your email inbox for your Autopilot account verification email message, and click Verify email address in this message to verify your email address.

  3. In the resulting Hi 'your name' page, enter the following details about your business:

    • Business name,

    • Account name (initially suggested based on your Business name),

    • Website URL,

    • Phone number, and

    • How many contacts do you have? (choose the approximate range of customers/people that your Autopilot account will be managing).

    Ensure your Account name is correct before continuing. This value affects the URL you use to access Autopilot through your web browser, and it cannot be changed.
  4. Click Next to proceed.

  5. On the About your business page, which is a connection wizard for your initial data source integration, choose the option that best represents your company’s type of business, each of which Autopilot provides pre-configured data source integration support for the following platforms:

At any time during this process, if you happen to navigate away from the About your business data source integration connection wizard (and you see the main Autopilot Home or any other Autopilot page instead), you can re-gain access to this wizard through:<account-name>/switch-on/business

where <account-name> is the Account name value you specified above.

Sign in to Autopilot

If you already created an Autopilot account, you can sign into it by visiting one of the following URLs:

and sign in with either your Google account, or your Autopilot Email and Password credentials.