Improving email deliverability

If you find that Autopilot-generated email messages from your various campaigns frequently make their way into your customers' spam folders, it is possible the content of these messages may be encouraging your customers' email services to treat these messages as spam.

To help improve the deliverability of Autopilot’s email messages to your customers and reduce the likelihood of these messages being treated as spam:

  • Modify your email message content so that it:

    • contains more personalized content (e.g. mentions the recipient’s name),

    • does not contain too many images (aim for at least two sentences per image),

    • avoids too many short words and/or sentences (e.g. avoid using too many bullet points, each containing only a few words),

    • encourages your readers to open these messages, click on them, and/or mark them as important.
      As a general rule, a satisfactory open rate is between 20-30%.

  • Try implementing the following additional changes:

    • ensure that your email messages are sent from an authenticated domain,

    • use a custom, dedicated IP address to send your email messages. This requires the appropriate Autopilot Business plan Custom email IP add-on).

The points above are general advice only, and the exact reasons for why your Autopilot email messages may be treated as spam is unique to each customer.

If your Autopilot-generated email messages continue to be sent to your customers' spam folders, consider using an email analysis tool on your email message content and see what the advice is provided to improve your email deliverability rates.