Creating a journey campaign

Autopilot’s journey campaigns feature allows you to configure a complex flow of actions that can send email messages, SMS messages, and more to your customers (i.e. an audience or people) either immediately or scheduled for a later point in time.

To create a new Autopilot journey campaign:

  1. Ensure you have accessed the Campaigns page.

  2. On this page, click New campaign.

  3. On the New campaign page, click Journey to begin creating your journey campaign, followed by Next to commence the journey campaign wizard.

Journey campaign wizard pages

This section describes each successive page of the journey campaign creation process.


On the Template page:

  1. In the Templates section, choose from one of the available templates that best suits the type of journey campaign you want to create.
    Alternatively, choose Blank template  Start from scratch, if none of the existing templates are suitable, or you want to create your own journey campaign.

  2. Click Create.

Journey title and people enter when criteria

On the next Journey and People enter when page:

  1. Give your new journey a name:

    1. Click in the Untitled journey field and type your journey’s name. If you do not specify a name at this point, Autopilot will automatically generate your journey’s name based on the People enter when criteria you select in the next step.

    2. Press Enter / return or click out of this field to save your name.

  2. In the People enter when section, click to select from the criteria that determines when your customers enter your journey’s flow.
    Depending on the option you select, you may be required to click more conditions to fine tune your people selection criteria.

Journey flow editor

Depending on the criteria you chose on the previous journey campaign wizard page, you are taken directly to the journey flow editor, or your journey’s overview page.

journey flow editor
Figure 1. Example initial journey flow editor page

If you were taken directly to the journey’s overview page instead, click edit journey button to access the journey flow editor page.

journey overview page
Figure 2. Example initial journey’s overview page

On the journey flow editor page, you can build up your journey’s workflow by adding shapes