Working with campaigns

Autopilot’s campaigns is a powerful feature that allows you to keep your audiences of subscribers and customers engaged with your business, by:

  • welcoming new subscribers;

  • converting subscribers into customers;

  • onboarding new customers, as well as expanding existing ones;

  • recovering abandoned carts;

  • getting more reviews from VIP customers to build awareness; and

  • updating your audiences with relevant announcements, promotions, product catalogs, and newsletters.

Accessing the campaigns page

To access Autopilot’s Campaigns page:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to Autopilot.

  2. Click Campaigns in the navigation drawer on the left to open Autopilot’s Campaigns page, which lists all of your Autopilot account’s configured campaigns.

    On this page, you can manage all aspects of your campaigns in Autopilot, including the ability to: