Working with audiences

Autopilot’s audiences is a feature that helps represent key customer lifecycle stages such as:

  • Subscribers

  • Leads

  • Customers

  • Slipping Customers

  • VIP Customers

  • Single Order Customers

Any people who match the audience filter will be automatically added to the audience. People are automatically Subscribers to the Audience.

You should only create an audience when you intend to:

  • grow or contract the audience e.g. Customers (grow), Slipping Customers (contract);

  • use the audience as a subscription preference;

  • want to track a specific group of people over time; and

  • intend to use the same audience in campaigns over and over.

Sometimes it makes more sense to use a filter on either People or Organization in your customer data platform (CDP) as opposed to creating an audience. Use filters when you:

  • want to send a once-off email campaign to a specific segment of customers;

  • have complex entry requirements for a Playbook; or

  • want to quickly segment a group of customers and return a result.

Accessing the audiences page

To access Autopilot’s Audiences page:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to Autopilot.

  2. Click Audiences in the navigation drawer on the left to open Autopilot’s Audiences page, which lists all of your Autopilot account’s configured audiences.

    On this page, you can manage all aspects of your audiences in Autopilot, including the ability to: