Managing an activity

View an activity’s details

To view a configured activity:

  1. Access the Activities page.

  2. Click the activity to view.

  3. On the activity’s page, click the appropriate option (Overview, Activity, Audience, and Location along the top-right) to view more information about the activity’s details, along with the people who conducted them, and the location.

Edit the activity

You can also edit a number of the activity’s aspects from the activity’s page.

Custom activity design

You have control over how custom activities you send to Autopilot are displayed.

The 3 options available to you.


The first option, "Activity" will simply display the activity name, so for example:

James Smith placed order.

The second allows you to pick an attribute from the activity you send in and will display that along with the name, for example:

James Smith placed order #456.

The final option, the advanced option is what requires further explanation. This allows you to use a simple template to display whatever you like out of the available data.

An example of this syntax is:

Placed order #{{attribute.order_id}} from the {{attribute.category}} category.

Configuring an activity’s data retention period