Email subscription permission

All people added via the API are considered to be "opted in" for email subscription permission. They will appear with

Subscribed via API

on their profile.

A person’s email subscription permissions are modifiable, such as setting them as "opted out" or providing their subscribed/unsubscribed reason.

Below is an example of email subscription permissions being enabled with the message:

Subscribed via internal API

{ "bol::p": true, "str::s-ctx": "Subscribed via internal API" }

Below is an example of a person’s email subscription permissions that starts off as:

Unsubscribed via internal api

{ "bol::p": false, "str::u-ctx": "Unsubscribed via internal api" }

The default email subscription permission, if you do not provide these fields are:

{ "bol::p": true, "str::s-ctx": "Subscribed via API" }

Below is a cURL example with a full request to create a new activity containing an email subscription permission.

curl --location
     --request POST ''
     --header 'X-Api-Key: PUT-YOUR-REAL-KEY-HERE'
     --header 'Content-Type: application/json'
     --data-raw '{
       "activities": [
           "fields": {
             "str::first": "Chris",
             "str::last": "Smith",
             "str::email": "",
             "bol::p": false,
             "str::u-ctx": "Unsubscribed via internal api"
           "attributes": {
             "str:cm:payment-plan": "Free plan",
             "bol:cm:account-owner": true,
             "str:cm:web-browser": "Netscape Navigator"