Create or update one or more organizations (merge)

The merge Autopilot endpoint of the organizations entity is used to create or update one or more organizations in Autopilot’s customer data platform (CDP).

This page provides descriptions of this endpoint’s:

HTTP method and request resource


Path and query parameters

This endpoint takes no additional path and/or query parameters.


This endpoint requires a custom API key and content type (application/json for the request body) in the header of the request:


  • Content-Type: application/json

Request body

The request body consists of a JSON object whose valid elements are listed in the table below.

The following JSON object is an example of field and object data that Autopilot can recognize to create or update one or more organizations in your Autopilot account’s CDP.

Example create/update organizations in Autopilot’s CDP

Valid request body elements

The following table lists all valid request body elements (arrays, objects, or fields), which are available to this endpoint.