Creating a report

Reports help you analyze activities and make more informed decisions. Reports can be used by your entire team to get insight right across the business. From marketing, to sales, to customer support and product usage.

There are 9 types of reports you can create:

  • Metric
  • Pie
  • Column
  • Line
  • Geo
  • Ledger
  • Table
  • Funnel (requires Pro plan or higher)
  • Cohort (required Business plan)

Creating a report from a template

  1. Navigate to Reports.
  2. Click "New report".
  3. Select a report template.
  4. The report will be pre-configured and shown as a preview of the last 30 days. Click "Create" to create the report. 

Creating a report from scratch with multiple activities

  1. Select "New report" and then click "Start from scratch".
  2. Select a report type, this example will teach you about column charts. 
  3. Name your report something memorable. The convention we typically follow is the activity followed by the precision of the report. For example if you were looking at how many times your emails were opened each week this report would be named "Opened emails by week".
  4. Select an activity to see data display on the column chart. In this example we will select Opened email.
  5. Next we want to change the precision to Weeks.
  6. Let's add a second activity to compare. We will select "Clicked email" as our second activity. 
  7. Under chart options you can display the activities as "stacked" to compare them in the same column. This is useful for when you have multiple activities. 

Creating a new report with an activity group by attributes

Sometimes you want to see an activity like Opened email over time grouped by the email campaign to analyze the performance of each campaign on a single chart.

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