What is the difference between a Snapshot and Dynamic report?

When you create a report it will be a snapshot but reports can also be dynamic, let's take a look at the differences and uses for each report.

Snapshot reports

Snapshot reports allow you to analyze activities that occur between specific time period. They are best used for quick analysis when you don't require information outside of this specific time period. Snapshot reports can look back up to 90 days depending on your plan.

  • When you create a report it's a snapshot by default.
  • It's a fixed period in time.
  • It won't update beyond this fixed period.

Dynamic reports

You can switch a snapshot report into a dynamic report. This is done either by switching the report to dynamic or when you pin the report to a dashboard. When the report is dynamic it means the report will continuously update with new information. As the report accumulates more and more information you can look back further and further. For example if a report with monthly precision has been dynamic for an entire year you could look back at specific months or all months over that year.

  • You can switch a report to dynamic.
  • Dynamic reports continuously collect new information so you can analyze longer periods.
  • When you pin a report to a dashboard it becomes dynamic.

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