Overview of reports

Reports allow you to produce detailed charts based on audiences, activities and their attributes.

Types of reports

There are 9 types of reports:

  • Pie
  • Line
  • Column
  • Metric
  • Geo
  • Ledger
  • Table
  • Funnel (requires PRO plan or above)
  • Cohort (requires Business plan)

Managing reports

Snapshot reports

By default every report you create is a "snapshot". This means that it is a snapshot of data in time and won't automatically update with new information. Depending on your plan your snapshot report will be able to look back at 30 or 90 days of data into the past.

To record data over time or add it to a dashboard you need to switch your report type to Dynamic.

Dynamic reports

Dynamic reports are "live" reports which update with new information over time.

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